Deputy harmed for doing his job

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A deputy trying to do his job fell victim to the actions of another drunken driver. Around 4:46 a.m., the store manager at Love’s Truck Stop on U.S. 1 called for help as he noticed a customer to be clearly intoxicated with the intent to continue driving.

When the deputy arrived, he placed his patrol car in front of the perpetrator’s, prompting the perpetrator to try and flee by backing out. In the process of backing out, he pinned the deputy against the gas pump. He then fled the scene, driving the wrong way down U.S. 1, only to be eventually stopped with stop-sticks near Nova Road and Old Kings road.

Although initial reports do not indicate the status of the deputy’s possible injuries, there is no denying that people sustain injuries far too often because of the acts of an intoxicated person. It is because of this that the proper preparations are of that much more the essence. An experienced attorney can instruct you how to act in the midst of such an unfortunate occurrence, which will in turn hopefully lessen the effects and allow you to being your quick and speedy recovery.

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3 Truck Crash results in Fatality

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Intoxication leads to another serious mishap as a three-truck crash is suspected to be the result of an inebriated driver.

A 44-year old was left dead at the site of the three-truck crash as his green truck was hit by a silver Dodge whose driver ran the red light. The driver of the silver dodge was taken to Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital with minor injuries. The two trucks, which initially collided, were then pushed into a third whose driver was unharmed.

While accidents like this do not happen every day, they are a product of unpredictability and sometimes inevitability, and being prepared for such a travesty can make the response to such a crisis quick and efficient. A local Houston drunk driving accident attorney can help to train you how to react to an accident and help to write any wrongs that come as a result.

Although the accident may have been out of your control, the proper response is not. Get in touch with your attorney now.