Attorney Profiles

We are highly selective of the law firms we list. Only list attorneys who have been able to get several multi-million dollar verdicts or settlements specifically for lawsuits involving motor vehicle crashes are eligible for listing. We don’t want just any car accident lawyers: We want only the best. This site will only list Car Accident Supes. If you don’t know, “supes” is short for superheroes.

Qualifications to be listed

  1. Attorneys must have at least 3 multi-million dollar verdicts or settlements specifically in the area of personal injury.
  2. Attorneys need 10 years of experience handling car accidents, or 20 or more cumulative years of experience at their law firm.
  3. Attorneys must have recent validated and verified client reviews.
  4. Attorneys must handle car accidents cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning no up-front money is paid to hire the lawyer and their clients only pay if they successfully recover money on their behalf.
  5. Attorney must be U.S. based and have a physical location.