Cost of Car Accidents in Every State in the U.S.

Economic Impact of Motor Vehicle Accidents by State

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, the total economic costs due to motor vehicle crashes was $340 billion dollars. Below is a table with the cost (in millions) of motor vehicle accidents in every state in the U.S., and D.C.

StateAnnual Cost% Total
ALABAMA$6.437 billion1.90%
ALASKA$627 million0.20%
ARIZONA$5.946 billion1.70%
ARKANSAS$3.142 billion0.90%
CALIFORNIA$29.098 billion8.60%
COLORADO$6.028 billion1.80%
CONNECTICUT$6.104 billion1.80%
DELAWARE$1.478 billion0.40%
District of Columbia$832 million0.20%
FLORIDA$20.019 billion5.90%
GEORGIA$18.697 billion5.50%
HAWAII$580 million0.20%
IDAHO$1.355 billion0.40%
ILLINOIS$13.977 billion4.10%
INDIANA$8.540 billion2.50%
IOWA$2.794 billion0.80%
KANSAS$2.984 billion0.90%
KENTUCKY$6.157 billion1.80%
LOUISIANA$6.570 billion1.90%
MAINE$1.876 billion0.60%
MARYLAND$5.910 billion1.70%
MASSACHUSETTS$7.389 billion2.20%
MICHIGAN$12.305 billion3.60%
MINNESOTA$3.803 billion1.10%
MISSISSIPPI$2.533 billion0.70%
MISSOURI$6.778 billion2.00%
MONTANA$1.095 billion0.30%
NEBRASKA$1.726 billion0.50%
NEVADA$2.645 billion0.80%
NEW HAMPSHIRE$1.664 billion0.50%
NEW JERSEY$14.008 billion4.10%
NEW MEXICO$2.173 billion0.60%
NEW YORK$23.616 billion6.90%
NORTH CAROLINA$12.039 billion3.50%
NORTH DAKOTA$735 million0.20%
OHIO$12.108 billion3.60%
OKLAHOMA$3.420 billion1.00%
OREGON$2.822 billion0.80%
PENNSYLVANIA$6.663 billion2.00%
RHODE ISLAND$2.105 billion0.60%
SOUTH CAROLINA$6.269 billion1.80%
SOUTH DAKOTA$941 million0.30%
TENNESSEE$10.050 billion3.00%
TEXAS$28.939 billion8.50%
UTAH$2.803 billion0.80%
VERMONT$625 million0.20%
VIRGINIA$6.455 billion1.90%
WASHINGTON$6.337 billion1.90%
WEST VIRGINIA$1.460 billion0.40%
WISCONSIN$6.310 billion1.90%
WYOMING$844 million0.20%

The data is Some key observations and takeaways from this data:

  • California, Texas, New York, and Florida had the highest costs of accidents, each accounting for more than 5% of the total cost. Together, these four states accounted for over a quarter of the total cost of accidents in the US.
  • Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming had the lowest costs of accidents, each accounting for less than 1% of the total cost.
  • The total cost of accidents in the US was $338.5 billion, as calculated by adding up the costs of accidents in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • The costs of accidents vary greatly from state to state, with California having the highest cost of accidents at over $29 billion and Wyoming having the lowest cost at $844 million.
  • The cost of accidents does not necessarily correspond with the population size of a state, as some smaller states such as Rhode Island and Delaware have higher costs of accidents than some larger states like Ohio and North Carolina.
  • The cost of accidents as a percentage of the total cost varies from state to state, with the highest percentage being in California at 8.6% and the lowest percentage being in North Dakota at 0.2%

The total economic costs of motor vehicle accidents each year in the U.S. is hundreds of billions of dollars. This includes costs related to:

  • Lost Productivity: Motor vehicle accidents can cause injuries that result in lost work days or disability, which can have significant impacts on individuals’ and businesses’ productivity.
  • Medical Costs: Medical treatment and rehabilitation costs associated with injuries sustained in car accidents can be substantial, especially in severe cases. These costs include emergency department visits, hospitalization, surgery, medication, and ongoing therapy.
  • Legal and Court Costs: Car accidents can lead to legal disputes and litigation, which can result in significant legal fees, court costs, and settlements or judgments.
  • Emergency Service Costs: EMS services respond to car accidents, and the cost of providing these services can be significant, including the cost of ambulance transport, emergency medical treatment, and other related services.
  • Insurance Administration Costs: Insurance companies are responsible for processing and settling claims related to car accidents, which can result in significant administrative costs.
  • Congestion Costs: Car accidents can cause traffic congestion and delays, resulting in economic costs associated with lost time, increased fuel consumption, and increased emissions.
  • Property Damage: Typically this specifically is related to the damage to the vehicle (or vehicles) involved in the crash, but it can also include damage to other property that stemmed from the crash (buildings, fences, utility poles, street signs, etc.) Depending on the vehicles involved, car accident costs can be extremely expensive.
  • Workplace Losses: Car accidents can impact businesses directly by causing workplace injuries, as well as indirectly by reducing employee productivity and increasing insurance costs.