Auto manufactures by law must produce vehicles that conform to all safety and production standards. When a part on a vehicle fails causing injury, the manufacturer can be liable for all physical injuries and property damages. How can you tell if a product you were using was defective? How do you know if your injury was caused by a defective auto part  or your own fault? If you’ve been injured by a defective product you may be facing medical bills, maybe even time out of work, and you’re not even sure who’s responsible for your injury. Defective auto product experts note some factors in determining if you have a defective products case:

  • Was the car being operated according to its intended use?
  • Did the product that failed function as it was supposed to?
  • Was your injury serious enough that you can’t go back to work?
  • Did your injury result from a defective product that was used at work?
  • Was the manufacturer or supplier of the product aware of a defect and didn’t notify consumers?

If you believe your injury was the direct result of defective part you may need the services of a personal injury attorney who specializes in product liability claims. An expert in that field will typically conduct a thorough investigation and look at some of the following factors.

  • Investigate the scene of the accident and the product that caused the injury
  • Determine the severity of your injuries from medical records and experts
  • Gather evidence and any necessary photos to support a defective product case

Only a legal expert in auto parts safety can give you the proper information you need to pursue a claim against a manufacturer. This type of claim can be tedious and time consuming. Consulting a legal expert is the only way to determine your rights to recover damages under the law.