In the U. S., drunk driving is the leading criminal cause of death. There were approximately 17,000 victims of drunk driving accidents last year. Approximately 40% of all motor vehicle fatalities are alcohol related. Frequent drunk drivers are responsible for almost 60% of all alcohol related fatalities. The majority, 78% of drinking drivers, involved in these accidents were male. Interesting to note that on the holidays, 15% of all crashes involve alcohol usage. An alcohol-related motor crashes kills someone every 31 minutes and injures someone every 2 minutes. Drunk driving also plays a significant role in young adult auto fatalities; however, in taking a look at the larger picture, there are four main factors that contribute to the vast majority of collisions. Over 95% of motor vehicle accidents involve some degree of driver behavior, which includes alcohol use, combined with one of three other factors. Drivers always try to blame road conditions, equipment failure, or other drivers for those accidents. When the facts are truthfully presented, however, the behavior of the implicated driver is usually the primary cause.