101 Types of Accidents & Injuries That You Can File a Lawsuit For

If you have been injured, especially if the fault was someone else’s, you may be wondering if you should file a lawsuit. Here are over 100 examples of what people file lawsuits for in 2023.

  1. Car Accident Injuries: Injuries sustained from a car, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accident caused by another’s negligence.
  2. Truck Accident Injuries: Injuries resulting from accidents involving commercial trucks, often more severe due to the size and weight of the vehicles involved.
  3. Delivery driver Accidents: People who have been injured by delivery vehicles, like Amazon delivery driver accidents, FedEx driver accidents, DoorDash driver accidents, etc.
  4. Slip and Fall Injuries: These include injuries sustained from slipping, tripping, or falling due to unsafe premises.
  5. Workplace Accidents: Injuries or illnesses that occur in the workplace, including construction accidents, machine mishaps, and exposure to harmful substances.
  6. Medical Malpractice: Injuries resulting from negligence or mistakes made by healthcare professionals, such as misdiagnosis, surgical errors, and improper treatment.
  7. Birth Injuries: Injuries or disabilities inflicted on a newborn during birth, often as a result of medical negligence.
  8. Product Liability Injuries: Injuries caused by defective or unsafe products, such as faulty appliances, dangerous drugs, and defective vehicle parts.
  9. Dog Bites: Injuries caused by dog attacks, where the owner might be held liable.
  10. Boating Accidents: Injuries from boating accidents due to the negligence of the operator or the poor condition of the vessel.
  11. Airplane Accidents: Injuries from airplane accidents, often involving complex laws and significant damages.
  12. Burn Injuries: Burns from fire, chemicals, or electricity that were caused by another’s negligence.
  13. Spinal Cord Injuries: Damage to the spinal cord, often resulting in partial or complete paralysis.
  14. Brain Injuries: Traumatic brain injuries that lead to cognitive impairment, emotional distress, or physical disability.
  15. Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse: Injuries or illnesses suffered by seniors in nursing homes due to inadequate care or outright abuse.
  16. Pedestrian Accidents: Injuries sustained by pedestrians struck by vehicles.
  17. Public Transportation Accidents: Injuries from accidents involving buses, trains, or other forms of public transportation.
  18. Wrongful Death: Cases where an individual’s death is caused by the wrongful act or negligence of another.
  19. Exposure to Toxic Substances: Illnesses or injuries caused by exposure to toxic substances, such as asbestos or lead.
  20. Drowning Accidents: Injuries or death resulting from drowning, often in unsafe or poorly supervised swimming pools.
  21. Food Poisoning: Illness caused by contaminated or improperly prepared food in restaurants or food outlets.
  22. Sport and Recreation Injuries: Injuries occurring during sports or recreational activities due to inadequate supervision or unsafe conditions.
  23. Assault and Battery: Physical and emotional injuries resulting from intentional harmful acts by another person.
  24. Premises Liability: Injuries sustained on someone else’s property due to their negligence in maintaining a safe environment.
  25. Pharmacy Errors: Injuries or illnesses resulting from errors in prescribing or dispensing medication.
  26. Inadequate Security: Injuries suffered due to inadequate security measures in a public or private facility, such as assaults in a poorly secured apartment building or parking lot.
  27. Sexual Abuse: Injuries, both physical and psychological, stemming from unwanted sexual acts committed by another party.
  28. Cosmetic Surgery Errors: Injuries resulting from negligence or malpractice during cosmetic or plastic surgery.
  29. Elevator and Escalator Accidents: Injuries resulting from poorly maintained or malfunctioning elevators or escalators.
  30. Industrial Diseases: Illnesses resulting from exposure to hazardous materials or unsafe working conditions in an industrial setting, such as mesothelioma from asbestos exposure.
  31. Amusement Park Accidents: Injuries sustained at amusement or water parks due to equipment failure or negligence.
  32. Defective Medical Devices: Injuries or illnesses caused by defective or improperly used medical devices.
  33. Pesticide Exposure: Health issues resulting from exposure to harmful pesticides, often in an agricultural setting.
  34. School Accidents: Injuries occurring at schools or during school activities due to negligence or lack of supervision.
  35. Bicycle Accidents: Injuries sustained in accidents involving bicycles, often involving a collision with a motor vehicle.
  36. Explosion Accidents: Injuries resulting from explosions in workplaces, residential areas, or public spaces.
  37. Farm Accidents: Accidents occurring on farms due to machinery, animals, or unsafe conditions.
  38. Firearm Accidents: Injuries caused by negligent discharge of firearms.
  39. Hotel Accidents: Injuries sustained in hotels due to slips, falls, poor maintenance, or other forms of negligence.
  40. Maritime Accidents: Accidents and injuries occurring at sea or in port, covered under maritime law.
  41. Oil Rig Accidents: Accidents occurring on oil rigs, often involving serious injuries or fatalities.
  42. Police Brutality: Injuries inflicted unlawfully by law enforcement officers.
  43. Radiation Exposure: Health issues caused by exposure to harmful levels of radiation.
  44. Scaffold Accidents: Accidents occurring on or around scaffolding at construction sites.
  45. Snow and Ice Accidents: Injuries resulting from slips and falls on snow and ice that has not been properly cleared or managed.
  46. Staircase Accidents: Accidents resulting from defective or poorly maintained staircases.
  47. Taxi Accidents: Accidents involving taxis, where the driver or the company might be held liable.
  48. Trench Accidents: Accidents occurring in the construction industry where trenching and excavation are involved.
  49. Uber and Lyft Accidents: Accidents involving rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, often involving complex liability issues.
  50. Veterans’ Disability: Injuries and illnesses sustained while serving in the military, often resulting in disability claims.
  51. Window Fall Accidents: Accidents where individuals, often children, fall from windows due to inadequate safety measures.
  52. Accidents Involving Autonomous Vehicles: Accidents where self-driving or autonomous vehicles are at fault.
  53. Aviation Accidents: Injuries sustained from small plane or helicopter crashes.
  54. Childhood Injuries: Injuries to children due to negligence or intentional harm, which may take place in various settings such as schools, daycare centers, or playgrounds.
  55. Construction Site Accidents: Injuries sustained on construction sites due to improper safety measures, faulty equipment, or negligence.
  56. Crane Accidents: Accidents involving the operation of cranes in industrial or construction settings.
  57. Defective Children’s Products: Injuries caused by defective or unsafe children’s products, such as toys, cribs, or car seats.
  58. Defective Household Appliances: Injuries caused by defective household appliances, like stoves, heaters, or washing machines.
  59. Electrical Accidents: Injuries caused by electrical shocks, often in a workplace or due to faulty wiring in a residential setting.
  60. Forklift Accidents: Accidents involving the operation of forklifts in industrial or warehouse settings.
  61. Inadequate Maintenance of Premises: Injuries sustained due to the poor maintenance of a building, such as due to falling debris or structural failures.
  62. Lead Poisoning: Health issues caused by exposure to lead, often in residential settings with old, chipping paint.
  63. Mining Accidents: Accidents and injuries sustained in mines due to collapses, explosions, or equipment failure.
  64. Mold Exposure: Health issues resulting from exposure to toxic mold, often in a residential or workplace setting.
  65. Motorcycle Accidents: Accidents involving motorcycles, often involving collisions with other vehicles.
  66. Porch Collapse: Injuries sustained due to the collapse or failure of porches, often due to poor construction or lack of maintenance.
  67. Railroad Accidents: Accidents involving trains, which can result in serious injuries or fatalities.
  68. Scooter Accidents: Accidents involving electric scooters, either between riders or between a rider and pedestrian or vehicle.
  69. Shopping Mall Accidents: Injuries occurring in shopping malls due to slippery floors, falling objects, or escalator accidents.
  70. Sidewalk Accidents: Injuries resulting from trips, slips, or falls on poorly maintained sidewalks.
  71. Skateboard Accidents: Accidents involving skateboard riders, either due to collisions with vehicles or pedestrians, or due to hazardous conditions.
  72. Sports Accidents: Injuries sustained while participating in sports, either due to unsafe conditions or inadequate supervision.
  73. Swimming Pool Accidents: Accidents occurring in swimming pools, such as due to inadequate supervision, lack of maintenance, or faulty equipment.
  74. Theme Park Accidents: Accidents occurring in theme parks due to equipment failure, operator error, or unsafe conditions.
  75. Trampoline Accidents: Accidents involving the use of trampolines, either in residential settings or at trampoline parks.
  76. Warehouse Accidents: Accidents occurring in warehouse settings, often involving machinery, forklifts, or falls from heights.
  77. Animal Attacks: Other than dog bites, attacks from animals such as snakes, exotic pets, or livestock.
  78. Asbestos Exposure: Long-term health problems, including lung diseases and mesothelioma, caused by exposure to asbestos.
  79. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Health issues caused by exposure to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, often due to faulty home appliances or poor ventilation.
  80. Dental Malpractice: Injuries resulting from the negligence or incompetence of dental health professionals.
  81. Escalator Accidents: Injuries resulting from malfunctions or accidents involving escalators.
  82. Food Allergy Mismanagement: Health issues or allergic reactions caused by mislabeled food or restaurant staff not properly handling known food allergies.
  83. Hazardous Waste Exposure: Health issues resulting from exposure to hazardous waste, often in an industrial or construction setting.
  84. Hunting Accidents: Injuries sustained during hunting activities, such as accidental shootings or equipment malfunctions.
  85. Inadequate Supervision of Children: Injuries to children due to the negligence of those supposed to supervise them, such as teachers or daycare workers.
  86. Jet Ski Accidents: Accidents involving personal watercrafts like jet skis, often involving collisions or operator error.
  87. Lack of Proper Security: Injuries sustained in situations where inadequate security led to an avoidable accident or attack.
  88. Machinery Accidents: Injuries resulting from industrial or farming machinery malfunctions or misuse.
  89. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress: Psychological trauma caused by another party’s negligent actions.
  90. Pesticide Poisoning: Health problems caused by exposure to harmful pesticides, often in an agricultural setting.
  91. Prescription Errors: Health issues caused by incorrect prescriptions, either due to physician or pharmacist error.
  92. Recreational Vehicle Accidents: Accidents involving recreational vehicles such as ATVs or snowmobiles.
  93. Rental Property Injuries: Injuries sustained due to a landlord’s negligence in maintaining a safe rental property.
  94. Restaurant Liability: Injuries or illnesses occurring in a restaurant setting, such as food poisoning, slip and fall injuries, or burns.
  95. Silicosis: Lung disease caused by inhaling silica dust, often in construction, mining, or sandblasting environments.
  96. Skydiving Accidents: Accidents occurring during skydiving activities, often due to equipment failure or operator error.
  97. Struck by Falling Object: Injuries caused by objects falling from height, often in a retail or construction setting.
  98. Tanning Bed Injuries: Injuries or skin damage caused by the misuse or malfunction of tanning beds.
  99. Tire Defect Accidents: Accidents caused by defective tires, leading to blowouts or loss of vehicle control.
  100. Tourist Accidents: Injuries sustained by tourists due to negligent tour operators, unsafe conditions, or other types of accidents specific to travel.
  101. eBike Accidents: Accidents involving motorized electrical bikes, often involving teens and young adults.