50 Very Specific Ways People Drive Distracted

girl driving in a car, distracted

We’ve all seen people drive distracted while on streets, highways, or parking lots. Here is a list of 50 examples of how people can be distracted while they drive. If you have another one to add, leave it in the comments below.

  1. Eating a hamburger while driving. Extra distracted driving points for trying to squeeze ketchup packets on to your burger while you drive.
  2. Combing your hair and checking out your ugly ass in the mirror while driving.
  3. Checking out your ex-girlfriends Instagram while driving.
  4. Dialing your ex-girlfriends phone number and using *99 so she doesn’t know it’s you (but yea she knows it’s you) is dangerous while driving.
  5. Applying makeup while driving is a form of distracted driving.
  6. Surfing TikTok while driving.
  7. Staring at a hot girl who is walking on the side of the road.
  8. Watching a movie or playing video games behind the wheel.
  9. Reaching for something in the glove compartment.
  10. Talking on a hands-free headset or bluetooth device.
  11. Arguing with a passenger in the car.
  12. Eating a taco while driving.
  13. Reading a book or newspaper while driving.
  14. Looking at the scenery while driving.
  15. Daydreaming or letting the mind wander while driving.
  16. Trying to find an address or directions while driving.
  17. Trying to find a song on Spotify to play while you are driving.
  18. Applying suntan lotion while driving.
  19. Attempting to remove a stain from clothing while driving.
  20. Lighting a cigarette and smoking while driving.
  21. Trying to locate a lost item in the car.
  22. Searching for an item on the floorboard.
  23. Operating a GPS navigation system while driving.
  24. Programming a navigation system while driving.
  25. Taking pictures while driving.
  26. Filling out paperwork while driving.
  27. Looking at a map while driving. We’re looking at you, Uber and Lyft drivers.
  28. Drinking a hot coffee while driving.
  29. Listening to loud music and head banging while driving.
  30. Trying to clean the windshield while driving.
  31. Adjusting side or rearview mirrors while driving.
  32. Eating an ice cream cone while driving.
  33. Trying to fix a problem with the car while driving.
  34. Changing your clothes while driving.
  35. Reading a text message while driving. Duh. Taking your eyes off the road is dangerous, dummy.
  36. Taking a phone call while driving.
  37. Adjusting the vehicle’s climate control settings.
  38. Writing a note or memo while driving.
  39. Singing along to the radio while driving and closing your eyes while you sing.
  40. Looking at billboards while driving.
  41. Adjusting the vehicle’s radio dial or other settings.
  42. Turning around to talk to passengers in the backseat.
  43. Trying to merge into traffic while looking at a phone.
  44. Applying sunscreen while driving.
  45. Listening to a podcast while driving.
  46. Responding to emails while driving.
  47. Searching for an item in the backseat or trunk.
  48. Adjusting the seat while driving.
  49. Eating an order of Taco Bell Nachos Belgrande while driving.
  50. Digging into your nose with your finger and staring at the boogie you collected.

If you have other good ones, leave them in the comments below.