Amazon Delivery Driver Collides with Parked Vehicle, Snaps Photos, and Departs from Incident Scene

Amazon Driver Hits Car and Leaves

An Amazon delivery van collided with Scott Carrasquillo’s 2022 Nissan while it was parked in front of his house, as recorded by a neighboring surveillance camera. The driver of the Amazon van exited his vehicle and seemed to take photographs of the incurred damage.

However, what disturbed the Carrasquillo family was the driver’s lack of communication. Carrasquillo said, “No one approached our house or left a note on the car.” It wasn’t until the following day when a neighbor informed him that Carrasquillo discovered the considerable damage to his car’s rear end.

The accident’s impact was so substantial that it partially incapacitated the Amazon van, evident in the footage by the engine’s smoke and water leaking onto the ground. The Carrasquillo family subsequently contacted the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office. An officer traced the driver, who had reported the collision to Amazon’s dispatch center and was instructed to photograph the damage and then depart the scene.

Three days post-accident, Carrasquillo claimed damages from Amazon. The company acknowledged its liability, agreed to cover a rental car’s expense, and requested an estimate for the required repairs. Carrasquillo submitted an estimate nearing $15,000.

The Carrasquillos chose not to claim from their insurance company, wishing to avoid the deductible and potential insurance rate hikes. However, when Amazon’s assessor inspected the Nissan, the repair estimate was $8,100, roughly $6,000 less than Carrasquillo’s initial estimate. A comparison between the two estimates revealed that several repair operations and parts listed in Carrasquillo’s estimate were missing in Amazon’s.

Daryl Patrick, an insurance agent from the Tampa Bay Insurance Center, stated that in scenarios where the opposite party delays or denies a claim, you may need to resort to filing with your own insurer.

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