Amazon Prime Truck Adds to Long Grove Bridge’s Infamous Record with 45th Crash Since 2020 Reconstruction

The picturesque Long Grove Bridge, also known as the Robert Parker Coffin Bridge, regained its accessibility on a tranquil Monday morning following a peculiar incident involving an Amazon truck that found itself wedged beneath the historic structure on a serene Sunday evening.

Law enforcement officials emphasize that the bridge’s height restrictions are clearly communicated through multiple signage installations, cautioning drivers to proceed with caution.

This occurrence represents just one in a series of unfortunate events that have plagued this beloved north suburban landmark. Since its reopening in 2020 after an extensive two-year reconstruction project, the Long Grove Bridge, a distinguished National Historic Landmark, has encountered a staggering 45 collisions.

In the case at hand, the Amazon driver recounted to the police that he had mistakenly believed his vehicle would effortlessly navigate under the renowned covered bridge without issue. Regrettably, his miscalculation resulted in a collision, firmly lodging the truck beneath the bridge’s graceful arches.

With promptness characteristic of such situations, a professional towing agency promptly arrived at the scene and successfully extricated the immobilized truck. The temporary closure of the roadway lasted approximately one hour as authorities worked diligently to resolve the matter.

Reassuringly, thorough investigations conducted by experts unveiled that the bridge itself had fortunately sustained no structural damage as a result of the impact, allowing it to resume its iconic presence and charm without delay.