Careless Driver Makes Blind Turn, Endangering Semi Traveling at 60 MPH

A remarkable incident of defensive driving was captured on a dash cam, showcasing a truck driver’s skillful maneuver to avoid a collision with a seemingly distracted motorist during a turn.

The dash cam footage, shared by Dash Cam Owners Australia on May 21, 2023, reveals an SUV making a sudden turn directly in front of the semi-truck equipped with the dash cam. The truck driver skillfully avoids a major collision, making slight contact with the truck before veering off the roadway, remarkably managing to keep the truck upright.

Providing context to the video, the dash cam operator shared their account of the events: “I had a pickup truck drive straight across in front of me on the Stuart Highway in South Australia, while I was driving a road train at a speed of 100 km/h. All three occupants were incredibly fortunate to walk away unharmed. Although I am a bit sore and bruised, I believe this serves as an important educational experience that everyone should witness. Trucks are considerably heavier and do not respond as quickly as cars!”