The Costs of Car Accidents in America Will Blow Your Mind

accident with flying dollars around the vehicles

Are you wondering what the costs of motor vehicle accidents are in the U.S.? Let’s look at a few different statistics and data points.

  • Total cost of all motor vehicle accident injuries in the U.S.
  • Average Cost of a Motor Vehicle Accident by injury severity
  • Average Comprehensive Cost by Injury Severity
  • Average Cost of Medical Bills Following an Auto Accident
  • How Much Does Insurance Go Up After a Car Accident?
  • State-Specific Costs of Motor Vehicle Crash Deaths

Total Cost of All Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries in the U.S.

According to the National Safety Council, total costs of motor vehicle related accidents were:

Total$473.2 billion
Wage and Productivity Loss$202.5 billion
Administrative Expenses$140.3 billion
Motor vehicle damage$72.1 billion
Medical Expenses$54.1 billion
Employer uninsured costs$4.1 billion
Total: $473,200,000,000

The Average Cost of a Motor Vehicle Accident by Injury Severity

For direct costs that can be calculated (wage and productivity losses, medical expenses, administrative expenses, motor-vehicle damage, and employers’ uninsured costs) here are the totals, for each individual death, individual injury and per damaged vehicle:

Injury TypeAmount
Fatal Injury$1,750,000
Serious Injury$101,000
Minor Injury$29,200
Possible Injury$23,900
No injury$12,800
Property damage only (cost per vehicle)$4,700

As you can see above, the average cost of an accident depends on the severity of injuries involved. There are five categories for classification of injured persons according to the NHTSA.

  • person with fatal injury
  • person with suspected serious injury
  • person with suspected minor injury
  • person with possible injury
  • person with no apparent injury

Direct Medical Expenses

Direct medical expenses can include:

  • emergency care
  • hospital stays
  • surgeries
  • rehabilitation
  • medical supplies/equipment
  • short-term in home care
  • long-term care

Indirect Costs

Medical expenses are just the tip of the iceberg. Car accidents can also have indirect costs, such as:

  • lost wages
  • lost productivity due to injuries
  • increased insurance premiums
  • decreased quality of life

Imagine not being able to work for weeks or even months due to an accident – the lost wages can add up quickly and have a significant impact on individuals and businesses. And let’s not forget about the emotional toll – the pain, suffering and decreased quality of life for those involved and their loved ones. Being stuck in a hospital bed and not being able to walk can create serious emotional damage.

Average Comprehensive Cost by Injury Severity

The average total costs on a per injured person basis for direct and indirect costs are:

Injury SeverityAmount
Fatal Injury$11,449,000
Serious Injury$1,252,000
Minor Injury$345,000
Possible injury$160,000
No injury observed$52,700

What is the Average Cost of Medical Bills Following an Auto Accident?

The cost of an ambulance ride to the Emergency Room following a motor vehicle crash averages $900. The average price for an Emergency Room visit is $3,300, and the average inpatient hospitalization following a motor vehicle crash is $57,000. Additionally, the average air flight bill is $50,000.

Trying to prevent car accidents is crucial in reducing their impact. This can be achieved through a variety of measures such as improved road design, stricter enforcement of traffic laws, education and awareness campaigns and advances in technology such as self-driving cars.

The next time you get on the road, just remember the true cost of car accidents throughout America. It’s not just about what the financial burden will be, but also about the loss of human lives and the emotional toll it takes on everyone affected.

How Much Does Insurance Go Up After a Car Accident?

According to Forbes, the national average rate increase is 45% after an accident with property damage, and 47% for causing an accident that results in injuries. Whenever a claim is made against your primary liability insurance company, this can result in a “surcharge,” meaning that it is the actual rate increase after a car accident claim.

State-Specific Costs of Motor Vehicle Crash Deaths

State2018 Fatalities*10-Year Fatality TotalAnnual Economic Cost Due to Motor Vehicle Crashes
Alabama9538,977$4.47 billion
Alaska80683$592 million
Arizona1,0108,961$4.183 billion
Arkansas5165,398$2.386 billion
California3,56332,472$19.998 billion
Colorado6325,241$4.173 billion
Connecticut2942,712$4.880 billion
Delaware1111,133$684 million
District of Columbia31250$859 million
Florida3,13327,095$10.75 billion
Georgia1,50413,333$10.787 billion
Hawaii1171,081$577 million
Idaho2312,131$886 million
Illinois1,0319,824$10.885 billion
Indiana8587,928$6.375 billion
Iowa318<3,495$2.188 billion
Kansas4043,992$2.445 billion
Kentucky7247,428$4.363 billion
Louisiana7687,438$5.691 billion
Maine1371,521$1.303 billion
Maryland5015,049$4.476 billion
Massachusetts3603,587$5.835 billion
Michigan9749,528$9.599 billion
Minnesota3813,885$3.057 billion
Mississippi6646,486$2.718 billion
Missouri9218,504$5.560 billion
Montana1822,027$898 million
Nebraska2302,164$1.295 billion
Nevada3302,860$1.978 billion
New Hampshire1471,165$1.374 billion
New Jersey5645,805$12.813 billion
New Mexico3913,597$1.769 billion
New York94311,079$15.246 billion
North Carolina1,43713,414$7.909 billion
North Dakota1051,311$706 million
Ohio1,06810,724$10.125 billion
Oklahoma6556,801$2.910 billion
Oregon5063,921$1.768 billion
Pennsylvania1,19012,296$5.851 billion
Rhode Island59635$1.599 billion
South Carolina1,0379,009$4.045 billion
South Dakota1301,295$720 million
Tennessee1,0419,992$5.6667 billion
Texas3,64234,267$17.044 billion
Utah2602,525$1.725 billion
Vermont68646$538 million
Virginia8207,654$4.998 billion
Washington5464,938$4.469 billion
West Virginia2943,088$1.482 billion
Wisconsin5885,753$4.546 billion
Wyoming1111,275$788 million