Elderly Woman’s Life Claimed by Alcohol/Drug Free Car Crash

An elderly woman leaves her family grieving this Wednesday after she was killed in a head-on-crash on Barrington Road in Hoffman Estates.

Just after 4:00 a.m, her southbound traveling sedan collided with a northbound SUV. The man in the SUV was luckily not injured while the woman’s fate was not so fortunate as she was pronounced dead an hour after the crash at the St. Alexius Medical Center.

Investigators believe that neither alcohol, drugs, speed nor weather are factors in causing the fatal crash. The names of the victims have not been released. Traffic was shut down on northbound lanes of Barrington Road for approximately two hours following the incident.

So much of the time accidents are produced by some exterior factor that inhibited a driver from being able to carefully drive, but this is far from always being the case. As shown above, accidents can happen even without the presence of any causing exterior factor. The reason: the road is a dangerous environment full of unexpected tragedies that sometimes just happen.

All it takes is one lapse in driving, which can occur in a quick moment, to have your own or someone else’s life changed forever. In the ensuing aftermath, you could be facing massive repercussions in the form of medical bills, restitution, loss of financial earnings, or any other number of fiscal burdens. Limit the extent of these repercussions and retain a proven accident attorney who knows all aspects of the relative law and can tactically create a plan that is committed to the well-being of your future.

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