Fatal Hit-and-Run: Shocking Bodycam Footage Reveals Driver’s Indifferent Reaction to Tragic Accident

Stephanie Melgoza

Bodycam footage from police reveals Stephanie Melgoza, 24-year-old woman from Illinois cheerfully responding, even breaking into laughter and song, upon being informed that her involvement in an accident led to the demise of two individuals.

The victims, identified as Paul Prowant, 55, and Andrea Rosewicz, 43, were reportedly attempting to cross the street when they were hit by Melgoza in April 2022.

In the video, Melgoza appears confused while interacting with the police. The clip, published by Law & Crime and widely circulated on social media, shows her inquiring about the condition of her car and its return, seemingly oblivious to the gravity of the situation she was involved in.

The conversation between Melgoza and the officer went as follows:

Melgoza: “What about my car? I need it for school tomorrow.”

Police: “Your car has been totaled.”

Upon hearing this, Melgoza seems baffled and insists on understanding how she could retrieve it. The officer then explains the severity of the incident and informs her that she would be incarcerated for her actions. Despite this, Melgoza continues to inquire about her car and her ability to attend school.

The video swiftly became viral, provoking reactions on TikTok. Many expressed disbelief at her lack of remorse, while others defended her, attributing her responses to shock or intoxication.

Additional footage from the scene depicts Melgoza, post-crash, informing the responding officers that a person had suddenly appeared in front of her vehicle. In her explanation, she insists she’s a safe driver and denies being excessively intoxicated despite admitting to having had three vodka drinks.

Subsequent field sobriety tests conducted by the officer result in Melgoza failing and being arrested for driving under the influence. Her reaction to this, disturbingly, is laughter. Even after being informed of the fatal consequences of the crash, she expresses disbelief that she could have caused such harm.

Melgoza’s father has since publicly defended his daughter. At her sentencing, Melgoza expressed remorse for her actions and pledged never to drink again.