FedEx Semi Driver Rendered Unconscious by Thrown Rock in Indiana

Travis Hampton's Injuries

In a shocking incident in central Indiana, a man operating a FedEx semi-truck was knocked unconscious over the weekend when an unidentified individual threw a rock through his windshield. The impact caused the semi to collide with a median, resulting in severe injuries to the driver.

The incident took place around 2:55 a.m. on Sunday near the 127-mile marker of westbound I-74 in Decatur County, as reported in a Facebook post by the county sheriff on Monday. Shortly after the incident, deputies responded to a report of a single-vehicle crash involving a lone semi-truck.

Upon arriving at the scene, Decatur County Sheriff’s Department (DCSD) deputies discovered a FedEx semi positioned alone in the middle of a median. The driver, identified as Travis Hampton, was semi-conscious and had sustained significant head injuries.

“The only thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance truck with them asking me questions,” Hampton recounted.

During further inspection of the semi, DCSD deputies found Hampton’s 9-year-old daughter inside the vehicle, fortunately unharmed. However, damage to the semi’s windshield was observed.

Due to the severity of his injuries, Hampton was airlifted to St. Vincent’s Hospital for treatment.

“I have three broken or fractured bones under my eye, and I had to get a little over 27 stitches in my lip, top and bottom,” Hampton revealed.

Sheriff Bill Meyerrose stated that investigators discovered a roughly 3-pound rock inside the cab of the semi. They are currently reviewing dashcam footage of the incident.

“This is not a tragic accident. This is an intended criminal act,” Meyerrose emphasized. “Video clearly shows what exactly happened with the rock being thrown at the truck coming through the windshield. There’s no question about what happened. It’s just a matter of who.”

The Sheriff expressed concern over the potential consequences of the incident, as both Hampton and his daughter were at great risk of losing their lives. He stressed that what may seem like a prank is no laughing matter.

“If it is juveniles ‘having fun,’ that’s not the fun that we appreciate here,” Meyerrose remarked.

Hampton, speaking to FOX59, expressed uncertainty about his future as a driver and simply wants to understand the motive behind the act.

“I would ask why, of course,” Hampton said. “What was the reason? What are they getting out of trying to take someone else’s life?”

Meyerrose mentioned that his investigators have received some tips but are urging the public to come forward with more information.