Indiana UPS Truck Accident: Driver Survives Fiery Crash Between Two Bridges

The cause remains unclear as to why an empty UPS truck lost control, resulting in a fire and the truck falling from a bridge into the Grand Calumet River below.

The driver was able to escape the wreckage and wait for rescue services. According to authorities, his injuries did not appear to be severe.

“We located the driver on a concrete pillar; he was safe but somewhat disoriented,” reported Hammond Deputy Fire Chief Bernie Grisolia. “Thankfully, he was unharmed. He has been taken to a local hospital for treatment and we hope he recovers swiftly.”

UPS expressed gratitude for the safety of their driver and the absence of other vehicles involved in the incident. The courier company confirmed they are cooperating with authorities in the ongoing investigation.

The driver has since been discharged from the hospital with minor injuries, a spokesperson confirmed.

Efforts to clear the accident scene have been challenging and have occupied crews all day.

Using a large crane, crews managed to extract the trailer and haul it onto I-90. However, the cab remained submerged in the water.

As the crane attempted to pull out the trailer, the cab detached and fell back into the water.

The accident caused significant traffic disruption, leading to the closure of several lanes. The lanes have since reopened.

While the official cause of the crash is still being investigated, the fire chief speculated that a combination of speed, wind, and the emptiness of the UPS truck’s trailer might have contributed to the driver losing control