Motorcyclist Injured in Bronx as NYPD Vehicle Collides, Following Second Crash Involving Delivery Truck

In the Bronx on Tuesday, a motorcyclist was injured when an NYPD vehicle collided with them, just a few blocks away from another accident involving a car and a delivery truck.

The incident involving the police vehicle occurred at approximately 5 p.m. on the intersection of E. 138th Street and Brook Avenue in Mott Haven.

According to the authorities, an NYPD cruiser struck the motorcyclist, as captured by surveillance footage showing the moment of impact, resulting in the biker being thrown off their motorcycle.

Thankfully, the victim sustained only minor injuries and is expected to recover.

Samantha Rolon, a pedestrian who witnessed the aftermath of the crash, expressed her relief at not crossing E. 138th Street at the same time, stating, “It’s unbelievable. He should never have been hit. Thank goodness he survived.”

Approximately one mile away from the first crash site, emergency services responded to another collision on E. 149th Street and Oak Point Avenue around the same time.

Authorities discovered a vehicle that had crashed into a delivery truck, causing extensive damage to the car.

Newscopter 7 captured footage of the police escorting an ambulance to Lincoln Hospital. Reports from Eyewitness News indicate that the patient arrived in critical condition.

At this stage, it remains unclear whether the two accidents are related in any way or if the officer involved in the collision with the motorcyclist was responding to the incident on E. 149th Street.

Both incidents are currently under investigation.