Motorist Arrested with Cocaine Concealed in Fake Pregnancy Belly After Close Call with Semi-Truck

A couple was apprehended last month in Anderson County, South Carolina, as they attempted to smuggle cocaine using a prosthetic pregnant belly after a near collision with a semi-truck.

According to a spokesperson from the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, the couple was pulled over on April 12th due to their erratic lane changes and close encounter with a semi-truck. Vice News reported that the individuals involved were Anthony Miller and Cemeke Mitchem, with Mitchem appearing to be pregnant. However, their credibility came into question when they provided conflicting information about Mitchem’s due date during the police investigation, raising suspicions among the officers.

Realizing that the deputies were growing more skeptical of her inconsistent statements, Mitchem suddenly fled the scene and hastily dropped drugs from the fake rubber stomach she had been wearing. The police promptly recovered over 1,500 grams of cocaine from the area. As a result, Miller and Mitchem now face trafficking charges for possessing over 400 grams of cocaine. Both individuals remain in custody at this time.