Train Collides with FedEx Truck in Wauwatosa, Minor Injuries Reported

A collision occurred in Wauwatosa when a southbound train crashed into a FedEx truck that was crossing the tracks westbound into the Department of Public Works’ parking lot, according to city officials.

Fortunately, the FedEx driver managed to escape from the truck before the incident took place, as confirmed by a spokesperson from Union Pacific Railroad via email. The train, carrying mixed freight but no hazardous materials, did not experience any spills or leaks.

The driver of the FedEx truck sustained minor injuries and received on-scene treatment from the fire department. No injuries were reported among the train’s occupants.

The city spokesperson emphasized that the crossing where the collision occurred is private and has a stop sign and a railroad crossing warning sign, but lacks arms or lights for additional safety measures.

A spokesperson from FedEx issued a statement expressing concern for the involved team member and expressing gratitude that no major injuries were reported. They reiterated the company’s commitment to safety and stated their full cooperation with the ongoing investigation by authorities.

According to data from the 2022 Federal Railroad Administration, Wisconsin witnessed 40 collisions between highwaXXy vehicles and trains at grade crossings. Tragically, four individuals lost their lives, and ten others sustained injuries in those incidents.

The National Transportation Safety Board has not initiated an investigation into this particular collision.