Widow from Baldwin County Alleges FedEx Utilized Defective Tires in Tragic Fatal Crash

A Baldwin County widow has taken legal action by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against FedEx, accusing the company of utilizing faulty retread tires that resulted in the untimely demise of her husband. Hamilton Platt, aged 32, tragically lost his life in a fiery crash on September 21. The incident occurred when he collided with a FedEx truck that had blown a tire and abruptly stopped in the middle of the I-10 highway. Kelsie Platt, aged 28, discovered the horrific details of the crash through images and comments on social media.

Recalling the distressing experience, Platt said, “One of them was like, ‘yeah, someone’s definitely dead in that car. The smell was horrible driving by.’ It was hard to see that, but I still held out hope that he wasn’t in there.” She fervently prayed that first responders would be able to rescue her husband from his burning SUV. Platt sent him text messages, expressing her love, in the faint hope that he would somehow receive them.

Unfortunately, her hopes were short-lived. According to the wrongful death lawsuit she filed, Hamilton survived the initial impact of the crash but was painfully aware of his impending death as he burned alive. Platt is haunted not only by the tragic circumstances of his passing but also by the struggles faced by their 8 and 5-year-old children in coping with the loss.

“My son isn’t doing that great,” Platt shared. “He doesn’t understand heaven and that daddy is in heaven. There for a little while he was angry with the idea of Jesus and God, that they were keeping him up there.”

The lawsuit targets FedEx, Goodyear, and other parties, alleging that the delivery company used faulty retread tires. Attorney Ed Rowan, representing Platt, presented NBC 15 News with images of the tires on the delivery truck. Rowan emphasized that the retread tires were bald, exhibiting signs of separation, and should have been replaced.

“It’s a hazard. It’s playing Russian roulette driving on the roadway with tires in this condition,” remarked Rowan.

This is not the first time FedEx has faced allegations of utilizing faulty tires. A federal lawsuit filed in Wyoming over a triple fatal collision was settled in 2016. Platt is determined to hold accountable those responsible for her husband’s tragic death.

“All of this could have been prevented,” Platt asserted.

In response, FedEx provided the following statement to NBC 15 News: “We continue to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Mr. Platt. We have been fully cooperating with investigating authorities. We will defend the lawsuit.”