Brutal Wreck Kills Both Victims

Two unidentified victims of a devastating car crash were killed this last Sunday Morning.

Police report that a Jeep carrying a man and woman drove straight into telephone pole smashing the engine compartment all the way into the back seat. Neighbors nearby recall the accident, with one saying the impact was so strong it shook her whole apartment and woke her up from her sleep.

Rescue units arrived almost simultaneously to the crash site, but it was already too late as the victims were killed instantly. Investigators are not certain what the cause of the accident was, but it has been determined that neither person was wearing a seat belt and apparently the breaks were not used because no skid marks were present at the scene.

The neighbor, still shaken from the fatal wreck, spoke solemnly in wake of the death saying how it makes you wonder “who were they” and hopes that this accident serves as a reminder to others to be careful while driving.

Although this neighbor’s thoughts are well intended, the truth is that most times atrocious lessons such as the one aforementioned still do not make it through to people. There will always be new drivers on the road, old drivers who forget, new obstacles, new reasons to not pay attention to the road, and on and on. Tragedies of the road just come with the territory. Every time you get behind the wheel of car, you are taking that risk.

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