Pedestrian Falls Victim to Train

On Thursday night around 6:00, a southbound Coaster train in Encinitas made an unexpected stop after hitting and killing a pedestrian near the 1400 block of South Coast Highway.

The San Diego County sheriff’s department has launched an investigation into the details of the case, but as of now, there are not very many, including what the victim’s name was and whether or not this was a premeditated suicide or a horrible accident. The only truth we do know is that the victim was immediately pronounced dead at the scene, hopefully without any suffering.

Fatalities are sadly many times unexpected and almost always hard to deal with. They can happen when you least expect it and can take someone dear to you instantly, without any goodbyes. If you are fortunate enough, they might only amount to a serious injury, but what comes after both an injury and a death is an unwanted and untimely legal battle.

If you know someone or have yourself fallen victim to a regrettable train  accident, the train accident lawyers at the Legal Office of David Grey would like to encourage you to get in touch with a skilled attorney now who can take care of all of the legal ramifications and make sure that you are fully and adequately represented while you focus solely on a quick recovery. This can be an immensely painful process filled with burdens, but having the right attorney will allow yourself to ridden at least some of those burdens.






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